Friday, March 9, 2018

The Fastest Warjack In Khador*

I've always thought the Khador Devastator chassis resembled old 8-bit videogame characters. The Devastator itself reminded me of a certain hedgehog mid spin-dash. Four years later and here we are: Sonik the Demolisher is finally ready for the tabletop.

Normally I like to paint details such as bolts in different colours, and have a range of materials to add visual interest. However, with this guy my primary concern was matching the original colour scheme. Hence almost everything was blue, with the exception of the red "shoes" and white "gloves". I considered using more brass or copper on the arms where the original had skin, but I thought it might not translate properly and would look a bit "busier", possibly taking away from the blue colour scheme. So I stuck with white on the arms, also using it for the Khador logo which I figured was worth having stand out. I did use a little brass, but it's almost impossible to see in the final figure as it's hidden by the arms. You can see in the WIP shots though that I did paint the face:

I definitely wanted the cartoony Sonic eyes. It's just possible to see them through the gap if you find the right angle:

It was quite a simple modification... in theory. Nothing is ever quite as simple as you expect though. First it took some trial and error to get the spikes to look good when they are coming off different sized surfaces at different angles. My original plan was just to use the two flat surfaces of the hull, but after trying that I realized it didn't look very good and I would need a third spike coming out from between the smokestacks. I guess I could have gone for a fourth sitting on the boiler, but I thought that would be going too far and wouldn't look good.

The other complication was that, despite the fact that the big arm shields were going to cover most everything up, I still decided that I wanted to sculpt in some missing details on the torso. To be honest, I don't regret it.

Oh, and naturally I installed some flush magnets in order to be able to run him as a Demolisher. That's right, Sonik's packin' heat!

Overall I think he came out about as well as could be expected. I am kinda curious how he would have looked if I had gone for brass on the arms and shoulders, but I just don't think it would have said "Sonik" as effectively as he does now.

If I ever do another Demolisher (unlikely) he will be red(orange?) and have an extra armoured... mud flap(?) on the back; luckily I have a spare one from another conversion that I'm planning to paint up soon.

*Not really...

EDIT: for those who wonder why a Khador jack was painted blue:

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Starting Additive Manufacturing

I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a 3D printer. My first project was to print a replacement pen body for my Levenger L-Tech. The original (which I believe is made of brass) is fairly heavy, but more importantly it's poorly balanced (at least for my hand).

It's basically just a threaded tube, but it was still a little tricky to design; the hardest part was the section-body threading. In fact I never quite got it right; in the end I got it "close enough" that I was able to brute-force the section into the threads.

The cap-body threads were a lot easier since I designed them both and didn't need to match existing threads. It's actually a four-start thread; it only takes one and a quarter turns to cap and uncap (it should probably be one and a half, but the cap doesn't quite screw all the way down before it seals on the section).

It was printed in red PLA because that's what came with the printer. Layer hight was set to 0.06mm, and infill was 100%. I did not use supports or a raft. The body and cap were sanded to smooth them a little, but I couldn't get rid of some of the blemishes (not without more work than I wanted to put in).

I consider this a prototype; it was certainly a learning experience... by which I mean that I learned 3D printing might not be as simple as I was originally hoping it would be. That's hoping, not expecting. But hey, at least I was able to create something of my own in just a few days, which is more than I managed with the (probably cursed) CNC machine.

While I'd like to make some improvements to this design, I might just jump to trying to make my own section instead. Before that I think I need to muck about with the software; the printer comes with a built-in slicer, which is cool, but the results I'm getting from it don't look as good as the already-sliced models that it was pre-loaded with, making me think that I might get better results with a better slicer or by mucking about with the print settings a little more.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

I finally got around to finishing this guy. He was... surprisingly frustrating to paint. First the paint REFUSED to stick to the primer; I don't know if my primer is bad or if something went wrong when applying it? Seriously though the paint would stick to bare plastic but bead off the primer as though it was allergic or something. That's the EXACT OPPOSITE of what's supposed to happen!

After that my attempts at shading went quite poorly and it took some effort to recover from that. Trying to mix up appropriate browns for bread was... something new. Then it turned out that trying to paint tiny, tiny pieces of toast is actually quite hard; I can't say I'm too happy with how they turned out. But since they are actually so small and hard to see, it hardly seems to matter in the end. Yay?

All this for a model that I can't actually use in-game. Unless people don't mind me proxying him as a Greylord Forge Seer or something... I mean, axe, butterknife, what's the difference right?

This was my first actual painted MOW model. By some coincidence I was just finishing him up as the MOW CID was starting, which is nice timing.

Unfortunately I can no longer access the original conversation where the idea came from due to PP's shutting down the old Khador forum. It's a shame, because I believe this guy is funnier in context.

I decided to go for the classic Khador scheme for him, since I want the focus to be on the breakfast elements and not the colour. I think he looks pretty good, in a traditional sort of way.

EDIT: Thanks to Munindk for providing the original confirmation quote from the now-lost thread: